Fylde Coast Weightlifting

Fylde Coast Weightlifting

The Fylde Coast Weightlifting Club is a non profit sports club. I am the co-founder and lead coach. Both myself and the co-founder / coach (Alex) are passionate about olympic weightlifting and powerlifting as a sport itself. We also understand the importance and scientific benefits of strength training in other sports such as football, rugby, basketball etc. We are the only club of its kind in the area. We are both qualified through british weightlifting along with each of us having other areas of expertise and experience.



The clubs aims are:

  • To provide a community for all abilties to be able to learn and develop weightlifting.
  • To provide a platform for local athletes to be able to develop their sports performance through weightlifting, strength and conditioning work.
  • To provide a platform for local athletes to be able to compete on a national and international level.
  • To form partnerships with local sports clubs and athletes.


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E-mail: info@personaltrainingblackpool.com