Strength & Conditioning


Performance • Development •Athlete support


Nicole is a strength and conditioning coach and performance analyst with experience working with teams in rugby, weightlifting, powerlifting, tennis and outdoor adventure sports. With an evidence based practice and using a multitude of skills, Nicole is able to provide effective coaching and programming for athletes of all levels.

Chose from either periodised programming, athlete support online or face to face training with all the benefits of the online programming and additional in depth analysis, correction and coaching that comes with face to face training. 


Along with many other fitness and sport qualifications, Nicole's relevant S&C qualifications include:


  • BSc (Hons) Degree in Strength and Conditioning
  • Level 2 and 1 Olympic Weightlifting coaching (BWL)
  • Level 2 Technical Official (BWL)
  • British Weightlifting Coaching and Technical Official license (1048)
  • Level 1 Powerlifting Coaching (British Powerlifting formerly GBPF)
  • Level 2 Powerlifting Coaching (British Powerlifting - Formerly GBPF)
  • UK antidoping advisor
  • Accredited Sports Analyst (ISPAS)
  • Level 3 advanced sports nutrition
  • Level 3 Sports Analysis
  • Advanced resistance training (assessments, techniques and prescription)
  • Kettlebell coach
  • Inspiring positive behaviour in sport. (Sports coach UK)

Currently working towards:

  • MSc Degree in Sport and Exercise Science
  • UKSCA / NSCA accreditation
  • Level 1 and Level 2 IYCA Youth strength and conditioning


Current Strength & Conditioning Work


Blackpool & the Fylde College University Campus



Nicole currently lectures on 2 degree programmes accredited by Lancaster Univeristy (a U.K top 10 university) on the following modules:

  • Level 5 - Strength and Conditioning
  • Level 5 - Ergonomics and Performance testing
  • Level 4 - Analysis of Human Movement
  • Level 4 - Academic and Digital Literacies
  • Level 5 - Inclusive Coaching
  • Level 5 - Work Based Research Project
  • Level 5 - Health Technologies
  • Level 4 - Physical Activity Design


British Weightlifting

Educator and Technical Official


Nicole current delivers and assesses level 1-3 coaching qualifications for British Weightlifting. As part of this she also regularly supports aspiring and existing coaches to develop their competence and knowledge of lifting biomechanics and performance. Nicole also regularly referee's at different tiered local and national weightlifting competitions.

Fylde Coast Weightlifting

Co founder and Coach


Please note: Fylde Coast Weightlifting (FCW) is now operating at new premises to increase participation in lifting around the Fylde Coast.

Specializing in Olympic weightlifting and Powerlifting as a sport itself. Over the two years including a bried name change (to Fortitude Strength and conditioning) the club went from strength to strength with members competing at national level. FCW has been the only affiliated British weightlifting club on the fylde coast for over 2 years and the first affiliate club of north west powerlifting in the area. The club aims to provide a platform for the local community and aspiring athletes to be able to develop their strength and fitness training and compete on a national and international level.



Previous Strength & Conditioning Work

Fleetwood Rugby Club

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Nicole used to deliver weekly sessions for Fleetwood Rugby Club 1st and 2nd team. Working with the tactical coach, physiotherapist and sports therapist, Nicole planned and coached sprint training, agility, plyometrics and strength training to reduce injury and improve performance.

Fortitude Strength and Conditioning

Co founder and Coach


In August 2018 Fylde Coast Weightlifting was operating out of Fortitude Fitness and so adopted the name change of Fortitude Strength and conditioning. However, due to the request of former club members Fylde Coast Weightlifting was relaunched that were unable to attend sessions at the fortitude facility. Fortitude Strength and Conditioning still exists with former co founder and coach Alex Meighan still based out of that gym and Nicole now developing and coaching Fylde Coast Weightlifting in new venues to increase community participation. 

Blackpool and the Fylde College

Guest Lecturer and Specialist Practitioner

Nicole regularly taught students as a specialist practitioner and guest lecturer on the sports coaching and exercise science faculty. The lessons delivered were part of a level 5 strength and conditioning module.  With positive feedback from students and faculty members Nicole soon after was taken on as a permenant lecturer at the college.

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