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Weightlifting and Powerlifting Coaching


Looking for a coach to help you with Olympic weightlifting or powerlifting in and around the Blackpool, Poulton and Fylde area? You have come to the right place!


One to ones are available for all abilities from beginners - advanced (including competition prep and programming) in both Powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting, or can be done alongside or within your personal training sessions at Fortitude Fitness.


  • Level 1 Powerlifting Coach (British powerlifting - Formerly GBPF)
  • Level 1 Olympic weightlifting Coach (British weightlifting)
  • Level 2 Olympic weightlifting Coach (British weightlifting)
  • British weightlifting coaching license (no. 1048)


Fylde Coast Weightlifting

Train, Develop,Compete











Nicole is a Co founder and Lead Coach of Fylde coast Weightlifting


The Weightlifting Club is a nonprofit sports club. Nicole and the other co-founder (Alex) put together this project and have watched it grow and develop.


Specializing in Olympic weightlifting and Powerlifting as a sport itself. The club has gone from strength to strength with members competing at national level.


Alongside this providing sports conditioning local sports teams and for those who need help improving particular elements of sports performance. The Club aims to provide a platform for the local community and aspiring athletes to be able to develop their strength and fitness training and compete on a national and international level.


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What People Say

Jon Mahoney - "Nicole is a really friendly and encouraging coach, a real expert in mobility, the Olympic lifts and a whole lot more. It's great to see more and more coaches who help you get better rather than just tired."



Debbie Louise - "I can't rate Nicole high enough for her professionalism and expertise as a personal trainer. I loved every training session with Nicole, especially the early morning sessions on the beach. I can't recommend Nicole enough, she is very sensitive to the abilities (or lack of it in my case) of others and adapts exercises to suit the individual. I will definitely be booking further sessions in the future. Thank you Nicole"



Jane Maylor - "Very professional Personal Trainer who very quickly found out what was important to me and how we could get the most out of sessions as well as things I could do at home. Whatever the time of the session everything was done with a friendly smile, great advice and an approachable manner."


Source: Facebook business page reviews